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It is so easy to let other peoples insecurities bring you down.… - changing seasons [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 2nd, 2008|04:56 pm]
changing seasons
[music |feelings show--colbie caillat]

It is so easy to let other peoples insecurities bring you down. Sometimes it is unconscious on their part, and they don't realize that what they are saying has an impact on you. But sometimes, it is just better to realize that what they are saying is them and not you. Don't waste energy getting caught up in other peoples insecurities and problems...thats their own racket...I have a great life right now. I am spending my two weeks of summer vacation relaxing in Brussels, starting to get in shape for a triathlon in september, working on my paper a month before they are due, and reading the newspaper every morning while eating breakfast. I have a great guy who has told me that he likes me so much over and over....i am too good to let someone else's comment erase all of that and make me doubt my life. I love it here. The weather is crazy unpredictable like in the midwest, but there is so much here to explore. I am allowing myself to be lazy and sleep whenever I want to, wake up whenever I want and just spend embarassingly long amounts of time on facebook.

loving this colbie caillat cd:

"love is crazy pretty baby take it real slow/my feeling show/are you have to do is never let go/my feelings show/and i want you to know...
but what i'm trying to say/ is that my feelings have changed/ and i'm letting it take over/if you need time away/i won't ask you to stay

but i don't want to lose you.."

still haven't figured out what i want to do next year. I have really been thinking on doing a thesis project on political integration in latin america. and then i'm thinking about maybe doing a latin america specialization because it wouldn't require too much. But basically, I don't want this last year to be too overburdensome. I want it to be good, but i don't want to get too stressed out. I want to be able to work a lot of hours at kellogg to earn money, I want to have time to train for the triathlon club and to get into really great shape, and I want to have times with my friends who I really care about and miss so much.

I can't wait until i get back to school and get to move into my new apartment and see my friends there!!! I can't wait to decorate my new room, have a kitchen so that I can cook, and have my huge, beautiful, comfortable bed with me. I might never get out of that, I dream about that bed so much, it is like a little piece of heaven.

I am excited to see my family when I get back. WE have been talking a lot during my trip here, and they are sad that I am staying another week here, but they think that it is a good thing for me to do too.

life is beautiful.

no one else can make me think otherwise.