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[Dec. 1st, 2007|03:25 pm]
changing seasons
do you ever just take a second and get like really depressed because it seems like nothing in your life is going quite the way you wish it would? I have a paper that...as always, I should have been working on earlier then just the weekend before its due. I have a guy at work who I am head over heels for who hasn't got a clue and i am stressing out about it because i cannot just ask this guy out. I feel like I am always the one out of my friends who is trying to get things together. I'm going to a party tonight where I don't know very many people and is way far out in the boonies....with no hot guy there, so that just makes it a lot less fun. I still have two weeks before I get to go home for christmas break. I'm about to go to work and its gonna be super busy and everyone is going to be in a pissy mood because of it...i will be right next to the guy who i can't get out of my head and will still not be able to work up the nerve to ask him out. nothing really to look forward to in the near future. i can't make a decision about the summer...where i want to go abroad and what i want to do. i feel like i have to start making decisions now that are going to be in place for the rest of my time here at state and i have to do it exactly right to save money. ugh i just DO NOT care anymore. whats the point of working this hard if your not even enjoying it?