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[Nov. 11th, 2007|01:26 am]
changing seasons
[music |DO IT WELL- JLO]

so you know when you have a crush on someone....theres such a high everytime you see them. but then you get to a point after a while, where having the crush actually is painful. Like, you want to see them, but then you are frustrated about it because you know that seeing them in person will only increase your feelings and that it will make you more frustrated that you aren't with them. and then its like, when you are out, you see other guys who look like them a little bit and then you just start thinking about them. i'm at this point where i just want him to start being an ass to me so that i can convince myself that i don't like him anymore. cause its getting painful. i just want to move on from it and start looking elsewhere....but what do i do instead? pick up other shifts so that I can work with him and see him and flirt with him...IDIOT. the thing that is painful is that i dont think he sees me in a dating kind of way...and i don't know how to get him to start looking at me like that. i seriously just want to be mean so him and have him be like, whats wrong? and be like...YOU and not asking me out!

i just want to hang out with him outside of work one time. just hang out with all of the guys who i work with, they seem like a fun group to go out with and drink with and hang out with...but no, i'm not 21 so i'm not goign to get an invite to the bar. this is getting ridiculous, i just want to scream it at the top of my lungs and just move on from it. i can't just keep letitng this sit and sit and increase every time i work with him...AHH. come on joe, pick up on the hints and either start being a complete jerk so that you stop leading me on or ask me out. either/or...but this is just getting painful.